GEORGIA knanaya Association gets a new constitution

posted Jun 25, 2010, 4:13 PM by Anil Mattathikunnel   [ updated Jun 25, 2010, 4:29 PM ]

The Knanaya Catholic Association of Georgia again proved that united we can achieve more. Respected members of KCAG came together on Sunday June 20, to discuss, amend and draft a new constitution for the 10 year old association. Vice President Sheelamma Chakkalapadavil presided over this historical & most important meeting of the year. After the prayer by Fr.Stany Edathiparambil, Secretary Dominic Chackonal in his key note address emphasized the need and importance of a well written constitution for an actively growing association and the proceedings of the meeting.

The newly drafted constitution was read point by point; matters were clarified, doubts were cleared, corrections were made, new drafts were made and important points are put to vote and it is passed. The respected members engaged in serious, matured discussion and debated for three and half hours in the community center which was hot & humid. Shajan Poovathumoottil (Convener of the constitution committee) did a good job for not only drafting the new constitution but re-drafting it during the discussion and helped the discussion to move forward. At the end of three and half hours of heated and meaningful debate THE NEW CONSTITUTION WAS PASSED by a thunderous clapping and jubilant lifting of hands and yelling.

Every one was proud today to witness the greatness of members who were willing to listen, understand and change their opinion whenever it was necessary. Today they proved that they are educated, civilized and capable of achieving greater things. Today they have proved that they are above petty politics and individual interests. Today they can say that they are successful & strong as an association. Today is a day of Victory for their UNITY.

The KCAG Executive Board would like to thank all the respected active members whose input, support and co-operation, enabled them to have a NEW CONSTITUTION PASSED, which they consider as the greatest achievement of their term. Secondly they would like to thank the convener of the new constitution committee Shajan Poovathumoottil and his team Biju Thuruthmalil, Mathew Veliath for spending their considerable amount of time, energy and money for this difficult task. They did a commendable job.


                                                                                                                                                    DOMINIC CHACKONAL