SanJose-KCCNA National Council and KCCNC legislative Board

posted Nov 23, 2010, 7:28 PM by Saju Kannampally
 Following are the results of the KCCNC election conducted on 11-21-2010 at South Bay Community Church in Fremont for the KCCNA National Council and KCCNC legislative Board.
KCCNA National Council
Johnson Purayampallil
Regina Tharayil
Simon Thekkumkattil
Jojo Vattadikunnel
KCCNC Legislative Board
Ward 1 - Binoy Chennathu
Ward 2 - Jose Valiyaparambil
Ward 3 - Jonney Thakadiyel
Ward 4 - Aswathy Maruthanadiyil
Ward 5 - Vivan Onasseril

Ward 8 - Jose Maruthanadiyil
Please join us in congratulating the newly elected members and thank you all for your co operation.
Thank you,
                         KCCNC ELECTION COMMITEE:

Raju Andumalil            Raju Chemmacheril             Joy Mattathil